The Spiritual Army of God the Father is a community of believers from different parishes devoted to proclaiming the good news of God the Father's love, sharing, and charity through prayers and worship, outreach ministries, missions, 

 Mission Statement 

The Spiritual Army of God the Father is a devotional and faith based community with members from different parishes supporting the mission statement of the Roman Catholic church and with the goal to proclaim the good news of God the Father's love, sharing, and charity, locally and globally, through prayers and worship such as our Devotions to God the Father, Lord Jesus and our Blessed Mother; and through our outreach ministries and missions such as but not limited to collegiate scholarships, priestly and religious vocations, feeding programs, and financial aid to religious education programs. The devotees of The Spiritual Army of God the Father come from different backgrounds in a spectrum of racial ethnicities in Los Angeles, with an outreach group in Las Vegas, NV.

Among other things, our devotions include:

- Devotion to the Eternal Father every First Sunday of the month
- First Friday Devotion dedicated to the Holy Souls
- First Saturday Devotion to the Blessed Mother
- 800 Our Father Devotion
- 2000 Hail Mary Devotion
- Infant Jesus Devotion 
- Stations of the Cross in observance of Holy Week
-Divine Mercy
- May Crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary
- Preached Retreats/Cenacles

Our Ministry holds our devotional prayers and programs at two Catholic religious communities based in Los Angeles, California. We also support feeding of the poor, annual Christmas gift giving in the senior communities and extend our financial assistance to the community's food program for the indigent families in the area.

If you are visiting the Los Angeles/Chino Hills area and/or Las Vegas areas, we invite you to our:
First Saturday Devotion to God the Father and the Blessed Mother
St. Anne's Chapel at St. Anne's Family Services 
155 N. Occidental Blvd | Los Angeles, California 90026

First Sunday Devotion to God the Father
First Saturday Devotion 
The Cenacle House in The Enclave
8455 West Sahara Avenu #172 | Las Vegas, Nevada 89117 | (702) 274-4315

First Friday Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Chino Hills)
A prayer gathering every First Friday in Chino Hills that focuses on the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus dedicated to the holy souls in purgatory. Please e-mail our coordinator at denise.g@spiritualarmyofgod.org for venues or for more information.



Schedule of our devotionals and downloadable devotions that you can view and read at your convenience.

Prayer Request

The Spiritual Army of God welcomes you to share your prayer requests with us. 


Spiritual Army of God the Father
514 S. Harvard Blvd. #307
Los Angeles, CA 90020


+1 (213) 200-1855